Be aMused by the beauty of art.

aMuse is an app designed for tourists, enclosing in a single tool itineraries, audio guides and all features necessary for comfortably visiting a city and its museums. The main offering is divided into: the city-museum experience and aMuse for the museums


City itineraries. Museums. Audio Guides. Personalizable.

The city-museum experience.

Walk, listen and discover.

aMuse aims at creating the “city-museum” experience by providing you with interesting tailor-made itineraries, complemented by amusing audio guides rich of anecdotes on the attractions along the way.

aMuse for the musems.

Look, listen and learn.

aMuse provides all useful information on every museum, including their histories, peculiarities, collections, as well as the possibility of purchasing tickets online.

Buy Tickets

  • In-app ticket office
  • Save all your tickets
  • Exclusive offers
  • Skip the queue

Take me

  • Plan your trip
  • No waste of time
  • Walk past cities attraction
  • Get to the location

Audio Guides

  • Tailor-made audio guides
  • Different content and play time
  • Buy them on your smartphone
  • Play them on your smartphone

Vast selection of audio guides. Choose your audio guide based on your interest and your time availability.


Try our Milan itineraries!

Milan Itineraries

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