A walk among Duomo and Brera


Palazzo Reale


Arco della Pace

Walk through the center of Milan seeing and listening to curiosities on the buildings that have shaped the city’s history, such as Palazzo Reale and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and discover the capital of Lombardy through peculiar little-known attractions, such as the home of the Omenoni and Basilica di San Simpliciano, while taking a walk in the Brera district.

Follow the directions on the maps and listen to our audio guides to find out more about what surrounds you.


place Palazzo Reale

Did you know that this palace, which nowadays hosts contemporary exhibitions, was built in the middle ages and was the seat of many powerful families?
(total duration: 4:10 m)

place Museo del '900

The palace in which the Museo del '900 resides is named "Palazzo dell'Arengario". Do you want to know where this name comes from?
(total duration: 1:41 m)

place Duomo di Milano

Did you know that on the spires of the Duomo there are more than 3400 statues? Would you bet that you know some of the figures?
(total duration: 5:09 m)

place Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The Galleria is a masterpiece of architecture that attracts tourists from all over the world. Did you know that the architect who built it never saw it completed? Are you interested in knowing why? Listen...
(total duration: 5:30 m)

place Teatro alla Scala

At first sight you will see an archway, what do you think it was used for? Tip: it wasn't just an element of decoration.
(total duration: 3:47 m)

place Piazza San Fedele

Go to Piazza San Fedele and discover how this little square marked the life of Alessandro Manzoni.
(total duration: 2:43 m)

place Casa degli Omenoni

Follow the directions on the map... Do you see the number 1722? What do you think it means? Find out the meaning.
(total duration: 1:31 m)