Frequently asked questions

When will I be able to start using aMuse’s services?


We are working to launch our product as soon as possible. By trying our demo itinerary you will help us understand how to develop the product in the most effective manner. If you are interested in our product and you enjoyed our demo we invite you to support us and to answer our survey.

For which cities will aMuse provide its services?


Being aMuse focused on high quality, we like to concentrate all energies in producing our contents in an effective manner. aMuse’s launch will be delimited to the city of Venice to guarantee a complete product accurate in every detail.

Is the final product going to be exactly as the demo I just tried?


No. The itinerary you have tried is a non comprehensive version of the much more vast offering aMuse will provide. Find in the Discover section all features that will be offered and let us know your opinion by answering our survey.

How much will aMuse cost?


The pricing options are yet to be defined. Indicatively, you will be able to choose among different bundles varying in terms of the time length of the subscription. The basic idea is to charge a price comparable to the price of a single museum audio guide for the audio guides of the entire city.

Which are the sources of your contents?


We guarantee the high quality of all our contents by relying on the expertise of travel guides for writing the script of our audio guides. In particular, the script for our demo tour was entirely developed by our partner travel guide Paolo Bonizzi, whose contacts you can find in our About us section.

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