place Palazzo delle Borse

Arriving in Piazza Affari, you will be welcomed by the statue of a finger. Did you know this statue is named "L.O.V.E."? Discover what this acronym stands for.
(total duration: 3:20 m)

place La Madonna del Grembiule

If you follow the directions you will find yourself in a chapel... without needing to enter the church. Are you curious?
(total duration: 1:18 m)

place Palazzo Imperiale and Torre Gorani

Follow the directions and admire how different architectures from three different historic periods live together in this curious square.
(total duration: 3:08 m)

place Castello Sforzesco

When you arrive in front of the castle, observe the facade. do you see the big windows on the walls? What do you think they were built for?
(total duration: 6:07 m)

place Parco Sempione

In this park there are three main attractions. In one of these both the Milan and Inter football clubs have played, guess which one.
(total duration: 3:41 m)

place Arco della Pace

This arch was initially supposed to be named "Arco della Vittoria", discover how it was renamed to "Arco della Pace".
(total duration: 2:14 m)

place Basilica di San Simpliciano

Legend has it that, thanks to the martyrs buried under this church, the lombards were able to win the Battle of Legnano.
(total duration: 2:28 m)