Less visited Milan


Piazza Belgioioso


Palazzo Imperiale

Visit lesser-known corners of the city thanks to this less than an hour Milan itinerary that helps you discover where the Promessi Sposi were written, how the merchants spoke in Piazza Mercanti, where the Fasci Italiani di combattimento party was born, where to see some Roman mosaics on the street and much more.

Follow the directions on the maps and listen to our audio guides to find out more about what surrounds you.


place Piazza Belgioioso

Enter this curious little square and listen to the history of the buildings that surround you.
(total duration: 2:15 m)

place Casa degli Omenoni

Follow the directions on the map... Do you see the number 1722? What do you think it means? Find out the meaning.
(total duration: 1:31 m)

place Piazza San Fedele

Go to Piazza San Fedele and discover how this little square marked the life of Alessandro Manzoni.
(total duration: 2:43 m)

place Piazza Mercanti

Discover the middle ages side of Milan in this little square and try to imagine how, many years ago, this was the center of the commercial activities.
(total duration: 4:55 m)

place Santa Maria presso San Satiro

Enter the church and stop at the entrance, can you guess how deep the choir is? Listen to our audio guide and learn if you were right.
(total duration: 4:40 m)

place La Madonna del Grembiule

If you follow the directions you will find yourself in a chapel... without needing to enter the church. Are you curious?
(total duration: 1:18 m)

place Palazzo Imperiale and Torre Gorani

Follow the directions and admire how different architectures from three different historic periods live together in this curious square.
(total duration: 3:08 m)

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