Milan Itineraries

Do you want to experience a new way of visiting Milan? You will need nothing but your smartphone to discover Milan like you never have before!

The itineraries we are offering will walk you through the streets of downtown Milan, telling you curiosities on the most famous buildings, as well as on the attractions away from the spotlight. While you are walking, listen to our audio guides to discover many anecdotes, legends and curiosities.

How does it work?


On our website you will be able to select and follow an itinerary in an easy and intuitive way. Here are some quick tips and instructions to learn how to navigate in our website:

  • By scrolling the itinerary page you will see, one after the other, the attractions of the choosen itinerary
  • Before each stage, you will find a map that will guide you to the next attraction. By clicking on "Open on Google Maps" on the map you can open the directions on Google Maps and walk to the attraction using Google Maps directions
  • After this, you will find an audio player: by clicking "Play" you can listen to the audio guide that will tell you about the attraction you are visiting
  • Every audio guide contains several track, each of which will tell you about something different. Every audioguide starts with a brief contextual description of what you are seeing, and will then focus on anecdotes and curiosities.
    By clicking the format_list_bulleted icon on the bottom right of the player you will be able to see the audio tracks that make the audio guide, their titles and their duration.
  • The audio guides are accompanied by pictures. While the audio guide is telling you about your surroundings, on your screen the pictures will help you orientate yourself

Pick an itinerary and be aMused!

The Itineraries

Our favourites:

aMusing Round-Trip

175 min

7.6 km

This complete Milan itinerary has been designed to take you on a complete tour...


A walk in the old town

100 min

4 km

Discover an itinerary between the Duomo di Milano and the Arco della Pace...


A walk among Duomo and Brera

95 min

3.9 km

Walk through the center of Milan seeing and listening to curiosities on the buildings...


Don't you have enough time?

Try our shorter itineraries!

Less than 30 minutes


Downtown Milan

25 min

550 m

You have little time available and you want to know which itinerary...


A glimpse of an intriguing Milan

30 min

900 m

Discover the lesser known Milan thanks to this short itinerary that helps identify...


A walk through Brera

20 min

800 m

This short itinerary consisting of three stages, Santa Maria del Carmine...


Less than 60 minutes


Less visited Milan

60 min

1.7 km

Visit lesser-known corners of the city thanks to this less than an hour Milan itinerary that helps you discover where the Promessi...


A taste of Milan

55 min

2.2 km

This quick itinerary of Milan of roughly an hour takes you to see some of the main attractions of the city passing...