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Do you, like us, want a tool that contains everything you need to visit cities? Do you, like us, want to be able to organize your itineraries with just a couple of clicks? Do you, like us, want to have fun discovering curiosities about what you visit?

Support us by helping us in our mission to create the perfect travel companion for every tourist!

We are a group of young entrepreneurs united by a dream: have in a single tool all that is needed to visit a city comfortably and consciously. We have made this dream our mission and today we are working hard to achieve this ambitious goal.We are three university students from Milan full of energy and desire to carry out this project. Thanks to our resourcefulness, we have made a lot of progress in the past months and today we offer about 90 minutes of audio guides for the center of Milan. What you can use now is just a taste of what we want to create. In fact, we are already starting to work on our next steps, which include the launch of aMuse in Milan and other major Italian and European cities. Unfortunately, however, being students, we don’t have the needed capital to do it on our own and this is why we ask you and whoever else shares our dream to believe in us and to support us.

Do you also believe in our mission? Do you want to contribute to spreading the culture by making it more accessible? Help us to help you and many other people to visit cities! You can really make a huge difference by giving us your contribution to launch aMuse. Every little help pushes us one step closer to our goal and we would be extremely grateful if you could support us.

From the link below you can access Paypal and give us a contribution equal to what you prefer.
Thank you so much for trying aMuse and thank you so much for believing in us!